Coca plant flower

What is COCA?

COCA provides information, training and consultancy on all forms of cocaine use.

Drug workers who needed an arena for support and information around the issues of crack and cocaine founded COCA in 1996. Since that time COCA had grown into a national resource helping services and workers develop appropriate interventions and professional working practices.

COCA was registered as a charity from 2001 and was disbanded in 2008. In 2019, COCA’s training arm was resurrected by two of its former directors, Tony D’Agostino (TD Consultancy) and Aidan Gray (Porchlight).


To provide quality information, advice and support to organisations and individuals working with the issues relating to cocaine and crack cocaine use.

COCA Services

COCA offers;

  • Face-to-face London and National training

  • Consultancy  – Provided by TD Consultancy